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The default controls, or key bindings, for Kyn are listed below. The keys can be changed in the Main Menu "Options" menu under "Hotkeys".

Keyboard[edit | edit source]

  • D: Move
  • S: Hold
  • A: Attack
  • D: Brake
  • Space: Pause
  • Tab: Select Next Unit
  • Shift: Multi Select
  • Z: Select All
  • Q: Select Skill 1
  • W: Select Skill 2
  • E: Select Skill 3
  • 1-6: Select Unit 1-6
  • Esc: Exit to Main Menu
  • Alt: Toggle Loot
  • M: Open Map
  • J: Open Journal
  • I: Open Inventory
  • C: Switch Camera Auto Follow
  • Right: Camera Move Right
  • Left: Camera Move Left
  • Up: Camera Move Up
  • Down: Camera Move Down
  • F12: Screenshot
  • F6: Save
  • F8: Load